HOW TO INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO AN ESCORTSo you finally did it, you finally got the courage and got into contact with the escort Paris girl that you like. It is normal to feel nervous or intimidated on your first encounter with her, but it is also important to know that you are meeting with a person and human-being just like you, and a woman above all. She needs to know that you are interested in her and that you are eager to meet her. Here are some tips to help you introduce yourself properly to escorts.

Be presentable

Consider this as an actual date with a woman you might possibly like, and out all the chances by your side by looking presentable for the encounter. That is the first point before even presenting yourself to your escort Paris from SexeModel. Although the quality of your clothes matter, your smell matters too. You have to make sure that you are clean, that you smell good. A good shower will never do you any bad.

Do not greet her with a handshake

It is weird to greet escorts with a handshake. You have had discussions with them before meeting, and the goal was to establish a professional, yet, friendly relationship. Therefore, when meeting them, it will definitely not be impolite if you pull her closer for a small, yet, polite hug. This will make her feel relaxed and not nervous and you too. Greeting her and introducing yourself to her like you would do with your actual date will definitely be appreciated. After all, she is a woman, although you contacted her for specific reasons.

Be respectful and polite

Respect is one the traits women in general and escorts are of no exception to this rule. When presenting yourself to your escort Paris, it is important to be polite as you would with anyone else you had never met. If you respect yourself, they will know you will show them the same attitude too, and there is no way they will be rude to you. Women like men who are chivalrous, confident and polite and if you possess all these qualities, you will definitely earn an escort’s esteem.

Be discreet when you introduce yourself

The communication via e-mails and the pictures you have sent to and received from escorts are a great way of immediately recognising her at the place of your date. Therefore, discretion when you approach her is the best way of introducing yourself to her.

There is no need taking a boisterous loud voice when addressing her, or getting to know if she is the one you are supposed to meet. Most of them like to keep their privacy and their activities secrete, and exposing them is a great means of loosing your ways with them.

Now that you know how to introduce yourself to your escort Paris, you have all the right cards in your hands to climb high in her esteem and be at her top priority list, while being her usual client. It is up to step up and win her over.